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Shoreline Protection

JAM Contracting services the Georgian Bay Area including waterfront properties in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood and Tiny Beaches for projects related to shoreline repair and installation. With water levels on Georgian Bay continually fluctuating the importance of shoreline protection and protecting your property is a priority.

Water level changes on Georgian Bay are a natural cycle and can be gradual or rapid. This can cause erosion of soils and damage to the natural shorelines or existing shoreline retaining/break walls.

Shoreline erosion can be caused by several factors including:

  • Storms, rain, ice, winds, runoff, and loss of trees and other vegetation
  • Lack of existing shoreline protection
  • Soil saturation
  • Wave action: waves pulling soil from the shoreline to lower levels
  • Water undercutting the shoreline

Erosion is not intrinsically harmful in a natural environmental setting, however when it causes waterfront property loss, it is undesirable and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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Erosion Protection with Rock Boulders

Rock Boulders are a cost effective and widely accepted method to repair, maintain and stabilize the shoreline.

Shoreline protection with rock boulders consist of the following components:

  • the angle and length of the slope  
  • the toe of the wall or toe rock
  • the filter fabric
  • rock boulders of varying sizes

Construction of the rock wall for shoreline protection requires a flatter back slope (ie – 3:1) which minimizes the force of the waves; the toe prevents water from undermining the protected area and protects the shoreline from damage due to wind-driven water and ice; Geotextile fabric is the protection barrier which prevents the water and wave action from pulling the soil away. The rock boulder components of the shoreline protection wall are to absorb the force of the waves in order to keep the fabric in place to do the work and prevent damage.

Repair Erosion from Georgian Bay

It is encouraged by local Simcoe County agencies to use natural shoreline protection methods over “hard” or structural methods. These methods are much easier on the environment; imitate natural systems, can interact naturally within the ecosystem, as well as save you a significant amount of money.

Please be aware that permits are necessary for the installation of any wall and we get you through the process.

We know and understand the need to protect your home and existing shoreline while ensuring all required agencies and regulations are followed during the works.

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